Episode #3





Dimitris Karbaliotis: Voice, guitar, composition

Giannis Gouvalis: Bass

Christos Karagiannis: Drums


Seventh Sea




Sound engineer:
Alexis Ghikas 
Shooting & Editing:
Ilias Panaritis / Dimitris Panagiotopoulos
Alexis Ghikas 



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Although we're oceans away

I can't let go

Still now the fire is burning

bright and strong

And all the rainbows still point

to your heart of gold


Too many seasons have passed

 yet it's still cold

 A frozen heart can't keep fighting

for false hope

Some day the waves will come crashing

down our walls


Then I'll go deep...

search for you my love

lost inside the Seventh Sea



A cloud's been blocking the light

since you were gone

and every thunder is piercing

through my soul

now every window is closing

before the storm


Then I'll go deep

search for you my love

lost inside the seventh sea 


Then I'll go deep

Yeah I'll search for you my love

lost inside the seventh sea


Watch me pray

way out on the edge...

of the world that we built.

Wash me away

watch me fade away...