Lab | Music Education’s method has been designed for you!

  • It’s based, above all, on our love for music.

  • Every lesson is a fun new adventure.

  • Results are amazing since we are using all the appropriate instructional techniques.

  •  We are the only music school that works 24/7 through Lab Plus

  • In Lab | Music Education we believe that we are offering something different in music education because:

  • We have an amazing team of teachers

The teachers of Lab | Music Education have been chosen not only for their abilities and talent at the musical instrument they have studied, but also for their love for music in general and their ability to transfer their knowledge. A true dream team!

Our goal is not to just offer music lessons, but to motivate each student to understand the charm and magic of music, take it a step further by making it a part of him/her by discovering their own sound!

  •  Together we will create a unique interactive environment.

Lab | Music Education is an actual music lab since students and teachers interact, learn, share, have fun, become a part of a big music family and discover the art of music together.

It's no coincidence that the most important element of Lab | Music Education is the environment in which the lessons take place. For years now, every new student becomes a new member in the big music family of our network and this is something we are proud of because friendship and a personal approach are the ideal catalysts for music. That's why every one of our live shows and events, is an opportunity to celebrate together!

  •  You enjoy specialised knowledge.

 Our network offers classes exclusively for the following musical instruments:

 guitar, bass, drums, keys, vocals. The main reason for this is because we want to always provide you with the best and the only way to do this is by offering you what we really know! That's why Lab | Music Education has been focused exclusively on modern music, with specialized teachers in all modern music genres (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Metal, Experimental, etc.)

  • We have stayed current in music education for more than 20 years.

With an experience of more than 20 years (since 1993) we are proud for the thousands of students who have now become part of our history. Beginning with a drummer whose passion was to teach the musical instrument he loved, this large family consists now of over 70 teachers who all share the same goal: to share their knowledge for music and pass on their love for it to every student!

  • You can always enjoy the most current.

 We embrace the diverse, the innovative, because we believe that the evolution of music comes through the radical, the alternative! We dare to choose the highway in teaching.For us, there is no standard path in music, every student can and must express themselves in their own way, through the sounds they love.

 We also believe that music education of a high quality should not be the privilege of the inhabitants of major cities, but everyone and everywhere and to any person who wants to enter the magic of music.

 That's why Lab | Music Education welcomes Lab Plus, the interactive online educational platform, a revolutionary suggestion for the in house music education ...

 Our dream is that you discover the magic of music!

 Lab | Music Education has been a lifetime’s dream for us! It has been created and developed for over two decades now with the main goal of offering the best possible music education and we will continue to research, update and always strive for the best.

Our lives revolve around music and our dream is for every new student to love music as much as we do ... and even more!