Lab Camp Refund Form

LAB CAMP 2020 Announcement 

It comes with a heavy heart that we have to announce the cancellation of the 2020 Lab Camp and the reschedule for 2021. Hopefully, by then, the world will be a much better place than it is right now.

As most of you already know, this camp is so much more than just a commercial venture for us.
This event is organized by the people for the people. We are drummers, we are artists. We have suffered this year as much as anyone has suffered and our struggles are equivalent to yours. Since this was going to be our best camp yet, we just couldn't cancel it without a fight... So we managed to reschedule it from the original date to a time period that, at the time, felt much safer.
Moving a Camp from one date to another is not a small task as it revolves around many different aspects (travel plans, venue commitments, other booked arrangements for the musicians teaching there, legal matters, marketing plans etc.) but everyone rolled their sleeves up and made it work so we couldn’t be more proud and thankful for everyone’s cooperation and positive attitude.

However, we must admit that things are not turning out as we had hoped.
Travel restrictions around the world have not been lifted in full and the air is still unclear for many of our Campers and tutors' lives and plans. Given the circumstances, there is absolutely no chance to successfully host an international event with people flying from 15 countries.

On top of that, for those that haven't been in one of our past camps, social distancing is exactly the opposite of what's happening in this camp. What makes it unique is that you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to be so close to your idols and other drummers from all over the world.

So we really believe that the most responsible decision is to skip this year and come back in 2021 with a camp that will look and feel exactly as it should.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience but we're sure you can understand.

As we did the first time, we will allow all of you to take the time to consider your options at no cost. There is no question that you are all entitled to get a full refund (after the bank transfer/PayPal expenses).
However, you can also decide to save your spot for our next camp which will take place from the 30th of May until the 4th of June 2021. This way you wouldn't have to worry about finding a spot while at the same time it would be big support for us as well.
In case you need more time to see whether you can attend our next camp or not, you can benefit from an extension of the refund claim period which will be valid until the 28th of February 2021.
If you still choose the Refund option we would like to let you know that it will be processed in no more than 30 days from the date of the refund claim.

Stay safe, positive and let's hope that we're gonna all be together in Greece next year.