Auditions for Codarts Rotterdam Conservatory are now open in Athens!

Friday, March 22, 2019 - 18:30
We are very excited to announce the beginning of the official partnership between LAB and Codarts!
One of the best European music universities, Codarts Rotterdam, will host its introductory auditions for the first time in Athens!
The auditions will be held in Lab Music Education and this is the beginning of a relationship between the two organizations that will flourish in many ways beyond this first event.
The auditions will be focused on the Codarts Jazz & Pop departments.
It is not a secret, that for many years, conservatories in the Netherlands have been making a name for themselves as the best and most affordable option for high end musical studies (Bachelor, Master). Many young musicians from our country are choosing this option and judging by their success, we are confident to say that they don’t regret the move.
The reasons for this, are the high level of studies, the great teachers, the vibrant local music scene and last but not least the affordable cost of living that is equally reflected in tuition fees since the biggest part of these fees are supported by public funds for European citizens. 
Most importantly, Codarts ( est. 1930 ) has been a great melting pot for talented musicians around the world. 1000 students from 65 different nationalities are studying in one its departments. It is important to know that Codarts was the first university outside the U.S.A that had offered studies in jazz music back in 1978!
One of the most challenging parts has always been the difficulty level of the auditions. Hundreds of musicians are trying their luck each year, but only a small percentage of them gets to pass. With the introductory auditions that will be held in Athens and the upcoming official preparation course by LAB, we will aim to help even more young musicians from our country gain a spot and continue their studies abroad.
Auditions are open for everyone and not just for LAB’s students.
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Read here Yiorgos Pouliasis interview ( Codarts senior graduate and LAB’s Professional Program alumni ).